What I Am Inside

by Rob Humphreys

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Who deserves thanks;

First things first, this album has been created to express my love to our Lord and Saviour, the inspiration behind all my creative thoughts.
Thank you God for the opportunity and your faithfulness.

To my lovely wife Justine, remember when we were walking in Leederville and you said ‘hey I really believe you can do this’, I had my doubts but you never stopped believing for one minute, thank you for being my biggest cheer leader, my constant companion and source of laughter, for your crucial help with the string arrangements (heavily pregnant) and amazing enthusiasm for this project, your patience and support knows no bounds, I love you immensely.

My beautiful children, Adelle, Jacob, Meghan, and Tobias, you bring colour, joy and laughter to my world. Thank you for your encouragement and understanding over the years. I’m so proud of you all and adore you. To my parents Larry & Marlene, and my brothers Iain & Russ, thank you for always showing me the importance of family and what it means to support each other through the good times and not-so-good. I love you all.

To the band, Chad Blondel Mark Fairclough Lou Stallo Geoff Grubb Glenn Whitfield Eddie Morris, Ah the laughs, the beers! Good times.
You have demonstrated to me what true friendship is all about. I can’t thank you enough for your time, exceptional talents, creativity and support, especially throughout this creative process.
Chad, your contribution to these songs and to the sound is priceless, you’re flippin’ legend young man. Thank you all for who you are, for being so open to try my random and often whacky ideas, for your amazing talents and incredible input. It’s an honour to work alongside you.
‘The Big Table’ especially my great friend Michael Dunjey. Without your financial wisdom, ongoing support, generosity, low-brow humour and incredible abilities – as a mentor and friend, this album wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much, man.
To Simon & Fi, the way you live your life – with inspiring vision for God’s church, with such a huge gift of hospitality, generosity, grace and love for others, with God always at the centrepiece, with tonnes of creative talent and motivation to do so much (which quite frankly sickens me!) you both never cease to amaze me. I’m humbled to be called your friend. Thank you for contributing so much to my life and this album. To Vinny & Amanda Tan, for being the best neighbours and friends – especially the many delicious meals, your constant support and encouragement both personally and musically and your attitudes of yes, how can I help? You are both great examples of being God’s hands and feet. To Doug, you live a life of relational Godliness. Thank you for your prayers, friendship and horn blowing! I’m honoured to be mates with you.
To Paul Morrison, Mark Cullen, Colin Mills, Gerry Azor (for the Rhodes), Dave Statham, Steinberg Tan, Steve Fraser, Lynne Brooks, Duann Orriss thank you for being friends, mentors, for offering your gifts both for this album and over the years. To my places of inspiration (which always revolves around coffee) 130’s, Greens & Co, Five Senses & Antz inya Pantz good memories of watching life pass by with my long mac and trusty journal, the entire suburb of Leederville especially the birds, To everyone else I bounced all my ideas off last year, you’re all amazing. Thank you so much.


released November 11, 2011

Who played things;
Me – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Mark Fairclough – Drums
Jacob Humphreys – Drums, Glockenspiel
Lou Stallo – Bass Guitar
Geoff Grubb – Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Chad Blondel - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Cello, additional instruments etc
Eddie Morris – Hammond Organ, Accordion
Glenn Whitfield – Fender Rhodes, Upright Piano
Justine Humphreys – Violin
Sandra Wee – Viola
James Caldon – Cello
Douglas Smythe – Trombone
Simon Elliot - Harmonica

Who sang stuff;
Lead vocals - Me
Backing vocals – Fiona Elliot on ‘Centre of my world’ & ‘Never Let Go’,
Adelle Humphreys on ‘In Your Hands’, Justine Humphreys on ‘Never Let Go’ & ‘What I Am Inside’
Background vocals - Chad Blondel Glenn Whitfield Geoff Grubb Eddie Morris Justine Humphreys Simon
Elliott Fiona Elliott Lou Stallo Mark Fairclough Vincent Tan Amanda Tan Michael Dunn
on ‘Holy’ & ‘Is Fullness of Joy’

Who made noises;
Tobias Humphreys in utero – Heartbeat
Birds in Leederville – Birdsong on ‘Everywhere’
Band o’ Brothers – Banter on
‘The One who draws me near’
Me - Wine glasses on ‘Centre’
Additional noises – Chad, Mark (don't ask)

Who made things sound good;
Tracking, mixing, digital editing and Pro Tooling magic by Chad Blondel @ Chad Blondel Productions
Mastered by Adam Nunn @ Abbey Road Studios Online Mastering Services
Post Production and CD Authoring by Colin ‘the chang’ Mills @ Closet Audio Productions

When we did it;
Recorded (mostly) live between 11th & 13th
November 2010 @ Chad Blondel Studios, Highgate, Western Australia



all rights reserved


Rob Humphreys Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Always There
I see You’re face I feel You’re love
You’re ever-present peace
The source of hope The breathe of life
You’re mercies never cease
I see You’re eyes The tears of love
The blood you shed for me
I see the crown The nail pierced hands
I’m falling to my knees
I come to You my Lord
Your love can’t be ignored
You’re always there
You’re always there
I come and worship forever…RPT X2
I come and worship forever
I come to You my Lord
Your love can’t be ignored
You’re always there
You’re always there

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: I Will Remember
God of the universe
Lord of my heart
Took time to walk the earth
God of eternity
Lord of my life
Took all my sin and shame

The cross, the scars
My heart breaks
Your eyes, your touch
My world changed

But I can’t explain that one thing
That you gave your all for me
So I make this vow to you Lord
Thru all my life, in all my days
I will remember

Yesterday and today and forever He’s the same
I will not forget this day
Everday I will say
I will always walk Your way
Always walk Your way

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: Everywhere
All that’s in me
Wants to worship
My whole heart will praise
You surround me
Love and mercy
Evermore remains

My heart longs for you
And your amazing love

You are everywhere
You are everything
All creation calls
To the King of Kings,
To the highest height,
To our God we sing
You are everywhere
You are everything

You're everywhere I go
In everything I see
Track Name: Never Let Go
I cry out to the Lord with all of my heart
Hear my prayer
I lift up my hands unto Your holy place
Help me Lord, Hear my Lord, Healer and King
Make me Lord, Take me Lord
You make the barren sing

You never let go of my heart You’re my refuge
My trust is in You I am safe in Your hands
My heart will rejoice
With my song I will praise You
You will never let go

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: In Your Presence...
I will delight myself in You
You are my hearts desire
And everyday I’ll give my all
Always I’ll trust in You Lord

In Your presence Lord I will be still
Take time to wait on You
Let your presence fall
Your glory fill this place…

Make my heart shine, like the sunrise
Lord You’re more than enough, You’re more than enough
Sent You’re daylight, took my night time
Lord You’re more than enough, You’re more than enough

Copyright © 2009 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: Centre of my world
I will run to You
When everything comes crashing down
Find rest my soul
Cast all my fear upon Your love

I will call to you
It’s all I can do
I know that You are near
Even in my darkest hour

You make the day seem brighter
You make it all worthwhile and
You are the centre of my world

I will sing to you
You have made my joy complete
My hope renewed
I will worship You forever

Build my world around You
Everything I need You to be
Build my world around You
Never be the same without You near

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys\Glen Whitfield\Chad Blondel
Track Name: Holy
The beauty of Your face
Is written in the sky
The wonder of Your grace
The story of Your fame
Is echoed from on high
The glory of Your name

And the people sing hallelujah
And the nations bring their praise
And the angels sing hallelujah
And the heavens bring their praise

Holy is the Lord

Copyright© 2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: The One Who Draws Me Near
Deep as the ocean wide as the sea
Nothing created
Can take You away from me
You hold every nation in the palm of Your hand
Every injustice that I don’t understand
You are the one who will calm every fear
I’m broken but safe within You
You are the one who will wipe every tear
You are the one who draws me near
This precious mystery is that You cared for me

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys\Glenn Whitfield\Mark Fairclough\Chad Blondel
Track Name: What I Am Inside
Only metres separate the hearts
Conversation, thousand miles apart
The fence between us, the distance lies within
Ends with a smile, the pretension wins

If I could love like You love
I would open up my heart
To the weak and broken
Live on the out what I am inside

Troubled teachers separate the class
Education, wouldn’t go that far
The gulf between us, the hurting lies within
Turn of the head, the pretension wins

My hearts been taken by a holy thief
I believe Lord, help my unbelief
No denying the truth that lies within
Don’t ever let the pretension win

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: In Your Hands
Finally I’ve found where I belong
Forever in Your arms
Will not be long enough
And I can see
You’ve been here all along
Forever by my side
Your love has made me whole

You are with me
I will never walk alone
Here forever
In Your hands

In love’s sweet reflections
Shimmer like the sun upon the water
Let it be in me as it is in You
Shining all You are
That all the world would see.

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: Peace
Flying through the turbulence of life
Overwhelmed when nothing else seems right
Through the storms and through the lightning strikes

Navigating through the desert plains
Lost where no-one even knows your name
No direction home, I know a way

Peace that passes understanding
Truth in love yet undemanding
Strength when you are hand and hand in

Copyright©2010 Rob Humphreys
Track Name: One Way (Larry’s Lament)
One way one way to Heaven, hold up high your hands
One way, free and forgiven, children of the Lamb

Two roads diverged in the middle of my life
I heard a wise man say
But I took the road less travelled by
And that's made the difference
every night and every day
So I say

One way, one way to Heaven, hold your head up high
Follow, free and forgiven
Children of the sky

Copyright© 1973 Glenwood Music/Strawbed Music